March 2022 Feedback report

Find out what the public has been telling us about health and social care during March 2022.
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The feedback presented in this report represents 407 responses from the following sources:

  • Calls and emails to Healthwatch Greenwich from Greenwich residents and service users
  • Conversations as seen on social media and on community and neighbourhood sites
  • Online reviews of services
  • Insight collected from service users during our community outreach activity

What did we hear this month?

The feedback we collected this month concerns the following topics:

  • Queen Elizabeth
    • Communication 
    • Maternity services
    • Donating breast milk
    • COVID restrictions
    • Access to A&E
    • Mental health support for cancer patients 
    • Parking and accessibility
  • GP services 
    • Front desk staff
    • Telephone waiting times
    • Telephone consultations
    • Digital access
    • Maternity care
  • Public health: HPV Vaccine
    • Access
  • Dental care
    • Access
Cannot thank the nurses and carers enough during the first few days when I was in pain and feeling very unwell.
— Feedback on Queen Elizabeth
The staff parted the window curtains, and I could wave to my aunt. But, I saw the patient in the adjoining bed had a visitor visit them. It seemed unfair. Why allow some visitors and not others?
— Feedback on Queen Elizabeth
The doctor showed respect and understanding and took the time to explain things to my mother who is slightly deaf
— Feedback on GP services

Next Steps

We will follow-up on all concerns or issues raised. We will work with commissioners, providers, and service users to understand both where services are working well and where further development may be needed.


March 2022 Feedback report

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