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Why volunteer with us?

Healthwatch can have a real impact. With your support, Healthwatch Greenwich can make a difference in shaping health and social care services for today and for the future.

Volunteering is a great way for you to build your CV, gain experience, learn new skills and meet new people.

Below are some of the benefits for volunteering with Healthwatch Greenwich:

  • Help influence better health and social care services
  • Make a positive difference within your community
  • Feel valued, empowered and part of a team


people gave up their time last year to help make a difference to local health and care services.

Outreach Volunteer

Volunteers talking to member of the public

Outreach Volunteer

Support us by talking to local people about their views and experiences of health and social care services with our outreach team at libraries, community centres, hospitals, shopping centres and at public events and festivals.


Meeting representative

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Meeting representative

Attend meetings with community, health or thematic groups as a Healthwatch Greenwich representative. Tell them about our work and collect feedback on health and social care issues.  These might be meetings with groups you are already attending or a group you have a particular interest in.


Our volunteers are a vital part of Healthwatch Greenwich’s activities. Volunteers bring valuable skills and knowledge to Healthwatch Greenwich that we can draw upon to make a real difference