Basildon Road Surgery

In June 2018, Healthwatch Greenwich used our power of Enter and View to visit Basildon Road Surgery.
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All Saints Medical Centre is a GP practice located in Abbey Wood. It has over 4000 registered patients. Clinical services are provided by one GP partner and one nurse. Administrative services are provided by the Practice Manager.

The last CQC inspection took place on 12/06/2018 and though the surgery was rated "good" for being caring and responsive, it was rated as "requires improvement" on safety, effectiveness and leadership. On the day of the visit, we spoke to 5 patients over 2 hours. 

Summary of findings

Building observations

The surgery is a small but attractive looking building with spaces for staff parking. The drive needed weeding due to recent growth. We were informed that this will be receiving attention within the next week.

Arriving at the surgery

Transport links to the surgery are good, and there is parking on nearby roads. There are bus stops within easy walking distance. There is step-free access to the surgery with a ramp from the main road to the front door. It is clear where to go on arrival as the reception area is placed inside the main waiting room. Both reception staff were friendly and helpful on our arrival. Unfortunately, the layout of the surgery does not afford any privacy to patients when engaging with the reception staff.

Waiting for an appointment

The surgery’s main waiting area was small but clean and tidy. It had a pleasant atmosphere. The notice boards were full and although they were not cluttered, they could do with reviewing and refreshing. A toilet is available near the waiting area, which was clean and well-kept, with cleaning schedules clearly visible, disabled access and baby-changing facilities. We did not see any hand sanitisers available in the main reception area. The notice boards in the waiting area are themed and there was a section on Cancer and another one on mental health awareness, including the services offered by Oxleas. Electronic check-in is not available, and there is no electronic call system for appointments. Waiting times were not displayed in the main area. The waiting area offers little privacy, as the reception area is directly in front of seating which faces it. The waiting area is not very child-friendly, with no available toys or books. The waiting room had Wi-fi but there was notice informing patients about this. Although the names of the GPs are displayed outside the building, there are no photographs of the clinical and admin staff, and only a very small sign with the staff list just inside the main entrance, which is easily missed. There was a TV Monitor in the waiting area which was switched off. We were informed that it plays on a loop-system and that there was not any specific practice information on the loop but mainly adverts, which some of the patients were not happy with it and as a result was switched off. Although we saw some information about on-line booking via the MyGP app, it was not easily discernible. Neither did we see any information about interpretation/translation services or the GP Access hubs. We did not see any information provided in alternative formats such as Easy Read.

Ways to feedback

We were informed that the PPG was functioning well, and the last meeting was well attended. The minutes of the meeting were displayed on the notice board under the PPG section. The surgery also has a website through which patients can provide feedback. We were told by the practice manager that she has a policy of regularly responding to feedback left on the website.

Access and hygiene

Everyone we spoke to on the day felt that the surgery was always kept clean and tidy, and rated the hygiene of the practice as either good, very good or excellent. Similarly, the patients we met were happy with access, as they could either walk in easily, or find parking nearby.

Appointment booking and punctuality

The availability of appointments largely depends on the urgency of the patients’ needs; one patient explained that although she sometimes had to wait a while for an appointment for herself, if it concerned her baby they booked her in quickly. Similarly, another patient told us that when her need had been urgent, they had offered her a same day appointment

One of the patients we spoke to rated the booking system as ‘poor’ and told us that in the past they had ended up attending the local Accident and Emergency department as a last result. Another told us that it took a while to get through on the phone to make an appointment in the first place. Only one person we spoke to made use of the MyGP app, which they found to be convenient and easy to use. No one we spoke to at the surgery had been given any information or knew about the GP Access Hubs. Feedback about the punctuality of appointments was mixed, with some waits longer than others.

Treatment received by staff

Most people we spoke to were pleased with the treatment they received from their GP, rating them as either good or very good. One lady was unhappy with a specific CP, but ok with the others, explaining that when she had gone in for a physical concern, he had also taken the time to explore her mental wellbeing and ended up referring her towards Time to Talk. Another patient described their GP at the surgery as ‘a good listener’, and others felt that their GP knew them well. Only one person we spoke to was unhappy with the treatment they received from one of the GPs and had therefore asked to see someone different.

Involvement in decision making and information provision

The majority of patients we spoke to felt involved in the clinical decisions which were made about their care and the amount of information they received from clinical staff. One person did feel that there could be more information offered in the GP appointment.

No one we spoke to had been informed about the surgery’s patient participation group.

Medication and prescriptions

The patients we spoke to generally found it easy to get their prescriptions through the practice, and one person told us that she could always approach the nurse and have an open discussion with her if she had any concerns about her medication. We only heard one concern, which was from a patient who felt that if he needed to see a doctor about his medication, there might end up being a delay due to the difficulties booking appointments.

Overall satisfaction

The main problems patients communicated were around the booking and punctuality of appointments. However, patients rated the surgery and the treatment they received as good, very good or excellent overall. Comments included; “I think it’s a great surgery”; and “…it’s a lovely surgery compared to past surgeries I’ve been at. Everyone is friendly and helpful.”


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