Annual screening picked up ovarian cancer earlier, but didn’t save lives

A report published by Eve Appeal today found that regular screenings did not result in les deaths, but early diagnosis improved the quality of life during treatment
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The Eve Appeal has just published the results of the largest ever clinical trial on a single disease today in The Lancet. Read the article on their findings here: Eve Research News- Annual screening picked up ovarian cancer earlier, but didn’t save lives

When to see a GP

It is important to get any worrying symptoms checked out:

  • persistent bloating,
  • feeling full quickly or difficulty eating,
  • needing to wee more,
  • persistent pelvic or abdominal pain
  • or an unexplained change in bowel habits.

If you have spotted any of these symptoms, call your GP.

You can also  Ask Eve for free and confidential information and advice on or 0808 802 0019.

The UK-wide clinical trial lasted for 16 years and followed over 200,000 women to see who developed ovarian cancer and whether early diagnosis improved survival rates from the disease. 

Sadly the results published today show that neither type of cervical cancer screening saved lives, compared to having no screening at all. 

However, the report highlighted that early diagnosis is vital for quality of life, treatment options, and survival time post diagnosis.

You can read a blog by the Eve Appeal that explains the findings of the report here, and you can download the full report from the Eve Appeal website.

Click here to see the full report on the Eve Appeal website

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