November 2021 Feedback Report

Find out what the public has been telling us about health and social care during November 2021.
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What did we hear this month?

The feedback we collected this month concerns the following topics:

  • COVID Vaccinations
    • Booster vaccinations
  • Primary Care
    • Quality of care
    • Online consultations
    • Booking an appointment
    • Repeat prescriptions
  • Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust 
    • Waiting times
    • Care for older people
    • Communication
    • Care of children with special needs
  • MSK Physiotherapy
    • Waiting times
    • Ongoing communication
    • Managing expectations
  • Dentistry
    • Access
    • Removal of patients from practice lists
I was having gall stones pain for over a year, have been going back and forth to A&E - sat there for 5-6 hours and they have packed me with painkillers and sending me home. It got to the point the pain was just too much to handle I had to go back… Sat there for other 6 hours, vomiting and with fever
— Feedback on Queen Elizabeth A&E
This has been my Dr. surgery for going on 6 years and I have always had a positive experience. The staff and care team, although often very busy, are knowledgeable, and always courteous and professional
— Feedback on Primary care
I wouldn’t expect this in the UK in 2021, I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. It was a very distressing experience
— Feedback on Queen Elizabeth A&E

Next Steps

We will follow-up on all concerns or issues raised. We will work with commissioners, providers, and service users to understand both where services are working well and where further development may be needed.

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Do these experiences of health and social care services sound familiar? Or has your experience been completely different? It only takes a minute to tell us about your experience of health and social care. We use your views to raise concerns with the people running NHS and social care services to make care better.

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The feedback presented in this report represents 263 responses from the following sources:

  • Calls and emails to Healthwatch Greenwich from Greenwich residents and service users
  • Meetings between Healthwatch Greenwich and groups of Greenwich service users
  • Conversations as seen on social media
  • Online reviews of services

No recommendations were made in this report.


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November Feedback Report 2021

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