Keeping well this winter

There are extra services and support for residents who may be at risk during the cold weather. Find out what support you can get in Greenwich, and tips on staying warm during winter
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Changes to our bodies as we get older mean that cold weather and winter bugs affect us more than they used to. And this winter, we know we'll need to live with coronavirus as well as other respiratory viruses.

Support for vulnerable people during cold weather in Greenwich

Residents who are over 60, caring for a young or vulnerable person or having problems paying their winter fuel bills could benefit from Stay Warm Stay Safe.

If you need advice urgently, contact the Stay Warm Stay Safe team on 0800 470 4831

The Royal Borough's Stay Warm Stay Safe scheme includes:

  • a free room thermometer
  • advice and help on keeping fuel bills down
  • a benefit check by our Welfare Rights Service 
  • home fire safety visits by the London Fire Brigade
  • an energy efficiency assessment
  • advice on keeping active and healthy in the winter months 
  • advice on flu jabs.

Click here for more information on the Stay Warm Stay Safe scheme

We have gathered some advice by Age UK to help you manage the cold weather. For more information about Age UK, click here.

  • Keep moving: This can be easier said than done. You might well have found that you're not feeling as fit as you did before the coronavirus pandemic started – if so, you're not alone. Lots of us are finding things we used to do less easy. Try not to sit still for more than an hour at a time. Even a little bit of activity now and then can help you maintain strength and mobility.
  • Eat well: Spending more time indoors and doing fewer of the things we enjoy means it can be difficult to keep up the motivation to prepare meals. But it's good to try and keep to a routine. If you've recently lost weight without meaning to, or if you have a smaller appetite than usual, find out why this might be and what might help.

  • Get your winter vaccinations – even if you're fighting fit: This winter, respiratory viruses are expected to be more widespread, as we were less exposed to them during the coronavirus lockdowns. So it's especially important to get your vaccinations this year. Those aged 50 and over are eligible for a COVID-19 booster jab. It's not too late to have your first jabs, either, if you haven't yet.

  • Make sure your home is warm enough: Try to heat your home to a steady and comfortable temperature throughout the day. Close the curtains at dusk to help keep heat in. If you cannot afford to keep your home warm, contact Greenwich council.

  • Stop the spread of germs: As well as getting vaccinated, there are some other simple measures we can take to reduce the spread of illness – which is especially important this year.

  • Wrap up well and stay stocked up: Wearing plenty of layers is the best way to keep warm in winter. If you're heading out, make sure you take some extra layers, even if you don’t need them immediately – the temperature can drop significantly when the sun goes in.

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