Meet our wonderful volunteers and find out why they are involved with us

Get to know some of our volunteers below and find out what they've learnt during their time at Healthwatch.
Two young female volunteers promoting Healthwatch

For Volunteers' Week, we want to celebrate  the different ways being a Healthwatch volunteer can help your community and develop your skillset. From using your own experiences to help shape people's lives to learning a new skill and championing diversity. 

Meet Pamela 

Pamela is very passionate about our NHS and is now in her fourth-year volunteering for Healthwatch Greenwich. Pamela's role at Healthwatch is wide as she has been a part of many different projects. However, she's typically on the front end of things.  

"After COVID-19, I was involved with checking in with different organisations in the Greenwich area to see if they had any specific problems, such as the Autistic Society, older people groups, etc.."  

"What I really enjoy about it is seeing the compassion in the staff's faces, some of the staff are phenomenal given they have such a difficult job."  

"The main things I have learned while volunteering has been the diversity in Greenwich and the inequalities we must address as a society." 

Meet Megan

Megan, from Welling, England, and is currently in her third year at the University of Greenwich studying public health.

Megan has learned a lot about herself.

"I've not always had the most confidence in speaking to strangers, but i've enjoyed the opportunity to speak to patients about their experiences with social and health services".

Volunteering with Healthwatch Greenwich has boosted Megan's confidence whilst making a real difference to people's lives. 

Meet Toby

Toby is one of our board members, supporting us with engagement.

“I’m passionate about making the world a better place. Volunteering with Healthwatch Greenwich allows me to address the critical issues that the residents of Greenwich face when it comes to good health and wellbeing” 

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