September 2021 feedback report

Find out what the public has been telling us about health and social care during September 2021.
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What did we hear this month?

The feedback we collected this month concerns the following topics:

  • COVID-19 vaccination
  • GP services
    • Econsult
    • Face to face appointments
    • Prescriptions
    • Accessing patient records
    • Referrals
    • Increasing use of hospital services (patients relying on hospital services because they cannot access GP services on time)
It’s a reflection of the system. A few years ago, it was quite straight forward. You make one call and got an appointment within a few days. These days, no one answers the phone and the online thing is hit and miss.
— Feedback on GP access in Greenwich
I’ve already made the decision to go private. I tried to get help over the summer and it was clear the GP surgery did not care. I could not even book a telephone appointment as the receptionist claimed the online system was broken.
— Feedback on GP access in Greenwich
  • Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust
    • Waiting times at A&E
    • Cleanliness at A&E
    • Patient facilities at A&E
    • Blood tests
It was also plain daft to expect a disabled man of 71 to go home at 5am and then come back again at 9am for his medication
— Feedback on A&E services at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust
  • Oxleas
  • Community pharmacist services
  • Dental services

Next Steps

We will follow-up on all concerns or issues raised. We will work with commissioners, providers, and service users to understand both where services are working well and where further development may be needed.

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Where does our evidence come from?

The feedback presented in this report represents 751 responses from the following sources:

  • Calls and emails to Healthwatch Greenwich from Greenwich residents and service users
  • Meetings between Healthwatch Greenwich and groups of Greenwich service users
  • Feedback given by service users at outreach events and activities
  • Conversations as seen on social media
  • Online reviews of services

No recommendations were made in this report.


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Healthwatch Greenwich September 2021 Feedback Report

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